Detailed map location

Not knowing where your child is, is an intolerable situation, especially while traveling or on the move. When using the KinderID app to locate your child, a detailed map position is the first things you’ll see when connected.

This enables you to locate and reunite with your child and its finder as quickly as possible.

Safety guardian SMS

If you’re out of power or you simply don’t have any signal at the moment you discover that your child is lost, you will still be able to communicate with the finder. We have added an additional layer of security.

The guardian SMS is a safety functionality that activates if you don’t respond to the finders request within 60 seconds. You’re able to submit 2 guardian backup contacts, that both receives an SMS containing the finders number and your child’s last known position.

The KinderID bracelet

By using the KinderID Wristband you can always feel sure that if your child gets lost they have an easy way to find their way back to you. When the child gets lost or separated from their parents, for example during vacation or on their way to school, they just show their KinderID wristband to an adult.

Before you can start using the KinderID service, all you have to do is to download the free KinderID app and register the ID number printed on your KinderID Safety Wristband.

Your app profile

The profile is your admin panel. On the profile you can add, edit and remove your different KinderID products, you can access settings, contact support, visit the help center and read our terms. You can also log out of the app by visiting settings.

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