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This section gives you an overview of how Safety Innovation AS collects and uses your personal data in connection with your purchase of KinderID and use of the Site/App. Safety Innovation AS NO 917 534 136 VAT is data controller for the processing of personal data. If you have any questions regarding how personal data is processed in connection with the Site/App, or if you want to exercise any of your rights under applicable data privacy law, please contact us via

Below is a description of what and whose personal data we process, the different purposes such data is being processed for, the legal bases for the processing, and with whom we may share the personal data.

1.The purchaser of a KinderID product

We collect the purchaser’s contact information (name, address, postal code and country) in order to be able to deliver the ordered product to the purchaser. The legal basis is that this is necessary for the performance of a contract with the purchaser.

We do not collect or store information regarding payment details. Such personal data are collected and processed by Stripe or Vipps. Read more about Stripe’s processing of personal data HERE. Read more about Vipps’s processing of personal data HERE.

The user

We collect the user’s name, mobile number, e-mail-address, and purchase history in order to be able to identify the user. The e-mail-address is used to send the activation code in connection with registration and if you have forgotten a password, and help us easier identify and shut out false users. The legal basis for such processing is that it is necessary for pursuing our legitimate interests in verifying our customers to be able to offer better customer service and prevent misuse and fraud. We will also use the email and mobile number for marketing purposes.

We process the user’s telephone number and collect and process information of the user’s location so that the user (parent/guardian) may be contacted by the person who finds the KinderID. Telephone number and location will only be shared in the event that someone finds the user’s KinderID, and the user accepts to start a session (reunion of the KinderID). The legal basis for such processing is that it is necessary for your legitimate interests in connecting you with the one who found the KinderID and our legitimate interests in offering the Service. Information about the user’s location will only be stored until the session has been closed. We do not store information about the user’s location history.

The KinderID product

We only process such information regarding the KinderID that you provide (optional name and KinderID serial number). In order to protect the privacy of the KinderID, we recommend that you provide a pseudonym rather than the KinderID products real name. The purpose of this processing is to make it possible for the user to distinguish between different product in the App, and that we shall be able to identify an account in connection with troubleshooting and customer service. The legal basis for such processing is your and our legitimate interests in being able to distinguish between accounts in the above-mentioned situations. The information is not shared with anyone else. The KinderID does not in itself contain any technology for tracking. We do not have any information regarding which KinderID serial number is sent to which address. All KinderID products comes in closed boxes and are picked randomly.

The Finder

We process personal data about the person who finds the KinderID (the “Finder”). Such personal data includes location and telephone number in order to enable contact between the Finder and the user. The legal basis for such processing is the Finder’s consent which is obtained through the Site/App or the App. Personal data about the Finder are only processed during an active session, and is deleted when such session is ended.

Guardian SMS contacts

The user may add 0-2 family members or other trusted persons to become a guardian SMS contact for the KinderID product(s). This is done by typing in their telephone number in the Apps settings menu. If the user does not respond to the Finders request within 60 seconds the Guardian(s) will receive an SMS detailing the Finders number and location. We do this as an extra layer of security for our users.


We use cookies on our Site/App and App to obtain statistics and improve the user experience. All users consent to cookies when they access the Site/App for the first time or register within the App.

User control of personal data

All personal data is the property of the user. The data can be deleted by accessing your profile on the Site/App. If a user chooses to delete its profile, all personal data will be deleted from our database, apart from purchase history which we will store for possible customer service enquiries.

Access and data portability

If a user desire access to or receive the personal data concerning him or her, please contact customer service, which will send this data to the user.

Data processors:

  1. Firebase to provide push notifications and to store orders.
  2. Sendgrid to provide automated emails.
  3. Email to provide customer service.
  4. Stripe or Vipps to process payments.
  5. Twilio to provide SMS.
  6. Digital Ocean to store our data.

All data processors have developed new privacy policies for EU-citizens, in accordance with the GDPR of 25th of May 2018:

Where do we store personal data?

We only store personal data on a server at DigitalOcean LLC and on Google Firebase. No employees at Digital Ocean and Google Firebase has access to our personal data. We will not transfer your personal data outside the EU/EEA-area.

Security measures to ensure security of personal data

All routs are ensured by JWT (Jason Web Token).

All data and communication with the server are encrypted with SSL. This entails that no one can track the user’s location or extract data.

All gateways are closed, only the HTTPS and SSH are open through the firewall.

We are working actively to implement new security measures to ensure the best level of security.

Last updated, October 2019.
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